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HOA Management

Office Fusion Solutions is the professional HOA management company your community needs. OFS focuses on providing services to homeowners associations, condominiums, and commercial associations. Several HOA services we offer include:

  • Collect dues
  • Pay bills
  • Collections
  • Reconciling accounts
  • Due diligence in abiding by rules and regs
  • Estimates for repairs and improvements
  • Overseeing projects
  • Attending meetings

HOA Management Need Help?

Our HOA management team helps your association board fulfill its duties. A full-scale management contract typically relegates the board to a decision-making role. HOA managers collect dues, maintain properties and pay bills. They also can take calls from homeowners about issues and handle enforcing the Bylaws and Rules for the property. Finally, our HOA managers also handle much of the administrative work for the board, like scheduling meetings, helping with budget preparation and managing reserve funds. The board, with the help of management, sets policy and makes major decisions.